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In Defense of Simplicity, but Don't Forget Your Message

I read an interesting blog post recently where a graphic designer talked about her experience perusing a trade show local to her.

What stood out from all of the flashy photographic images and wordy posters at the trade show, were the easy-to-read block-letter signs that are supplied to each exhibitor by the show organizers.

Meant only to alert the exhibitor that a particular booth is theirs, the graphic designer noted that A cluttered page. Dont' let your signs look like this.compared to all of the fussy signs she was seeing, they were far and away the easiest to read. Hurray, trade show organizers, you passed graphic design 101: make your message easy to read. What the signs main message is, "This exhibitor belongs to this booth."

What, unfortunately, these little signs don't do is explain what your business offers. Without accompanying graphics and a tagline, using these signs in lieu of proper trade show graphics is a mistake.

If your company is called Acme Construction, people passing by your booth will have some idea of your business, but what if you're business name is less instructional and more esoteric? No one will take the time to know what you do, especially if the show is busy. People at trade shows want information at a glance.

So, once again, when you're marketing with signs, keep your message simple and short, free of clutter, and use graphics and photographs to enhance not hinder your prospects, but don’t forget your message. That should stand out loud and clear.

November is Retractable Banner Month

Table top banner standRetractable banner stands remain a popular option for their portability, ease of assembly, and the professional look they project.

Here are a few things you may not have known about them:

1. Retractable banner stands come with varying heights. In other words, they can vary in height from, say, 36”high to 96”high. This allows you or your favorite graphic artist to design a layout that works at varying heights between those two heights.

Use the stand on a table at 36” high to communicate one message to people passing by your booth, and at another time, open the display to 84”h, and put it on the floor. Now you’re revealing more of the banner and have the advantage of adding a second marketing message to the first (or a photo, or illustration, too).
Another great retractable banner stand
2. There are a few models of banner stands that have changeable cassettes. The cassette holds your banner and with these stands, you can slide out one cassette and put in another (with a different banner), on your own. You don’t need any special tools, or expertise to exchange the banners.

These are useful for people who travel the trade show circuit, and who need different banners to communicate different messages at different trade shows.

3. You can get double sided retractable banner stands, outdoor-durable banner stands, and ones that are wider than they are tall.

All of these options expand your use of the banner and stand. Think of how these can help you market your business in a professional and efficient way.

For the month of November, all retractable banners with stands are 10% off. Good until November 30th!

Hospitality Industry? What Type of Signs Do You Use?

Are you in the hospitality Industry? A hotel, motel, Inn, B&B, Spa, or Restaurant? Then you must know how important, and often required, signs are for your building and grounds. And while signs direct your guests to the check-in, over to the parking lot, and on to the correct room, a good sign will attract guests as they drive down a busy street looking for a place to stay, or a restaurant to eat at.

Have you purchased any of the following in the past 12 months?

ADA Compliant Room Signs

Parking & Directional Signs

Outdoor Durable Cloth Banners & Flags

Logo Rugs

Employee Name Tags

Permanent Sign on the Building or Freestanding by the Road


Do you feel like this gentleman who called us recently?

The caller asked for a quote on a large (relative to what Vermont towns will allow a business) sign to be installed 10+ feet off the ground, but he didn't care what the sign was made from as long as it was low priced and looked like quality.

5 Questions to Ask a Sign Company When You've Never Ordered Business Signs Before

My friend Kathy, who lives in New Jersey, asked me recently to explain to her what she needs to ask her local sign company. You see, she wants to purchase a business sign, and feels foolish not knowing anything about the topic much less what to ask.

Assuming that your sign company makes many different types of signs, I told her that there are some questions she can ask. Here are five whose answers would greatly benefit her:

1. Depending on what type you purchase, how long does it take to manufacture it?

2. Do you deliver the them? And related to that, do you install them, and how much is installation?

Business sign3. Do you offer a manufacturer’s warranty? And how long do you expect it to last outdoors?

4. What is the best type of sign for ________ ? Fill in the blank—temporary outdoor advertising (Aframe or sidewalk sign?) Advertising at an event (outdoor-durable banner?) Advertising sponsors for an event (Poster or retractable banner stand?) A permanent retail identification sign (flat, carved, individual letters?) You know what your needs are--the signs in parentheses are the types of signs that may be suggested. Just tell the sign company what you are using your sign for, and see what they recommend).

5. Do I need a permit from my town before I install it? And can you help me get the permit?

Okay, questions two, three, and five were multi-part questions, making the actual total way more than five, but you get the idea. There are many, many other questions to ask, but these will get you a long way to understanding what will fill your need, and what the company offers.

Oh, there’s an important sixth question to ask (or tenth if you counted all the multi-part ones separately), if you haven’t already asked it first,

6. How much will that cost me?

But please note that price and quality go hand-in-hand, and that a lower price doesn’t always mean you’re getting high value for less. And if you have any of these questions and don't know where to go to get answers, ask them here, or give us a call!


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