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Trade Show Displays: 5 Reasons for Having One

When people talk about what they are doing to market themselves at trade shows, the conversation almost always centers on their display. They ask us, “Should I get a full sized display that sits on the floor, or can I make do with a table top display?”

Either choice is a win. Even if you’re only exhibiting once or twice a year, having a display of any kind is smart. Why? Displays do this—

1. Customize your message. Displays made with Velcro-receptive fabric allow you to change out your message, and customize it for each show you attend. New products? Add a removable panel with photos. New services?table top trade show display Add a sign with bulleted list of your offerings.

2. Attract attention—the good kind of attention that brings people in to your booth. You want your display to be appealing, bring people in to your booth, and read your display graphics while asking questions about your products and services.

3. Market your message to exhibitors and attendees. A six-foot wide table top display offers 24 square feet of advertising space. That’s a nice sized sign to hold your name, logo and explain how your business helps its customers. An eight-foot floor model offers sixty four square feet of marketing value—a small billboard’s-worth!

4. Provide you with a level of professionalism that your competitor may not have.

5. Are easy to use—the engineers who design trade show displays are very smart. They make certain that the display structure is sturdy, but lightweight. Floor models collapse to a size that fit in a bag. Graphics for table top displays can be attached in advance of the show. Arrive at the trade show, unfold the display, and slide the header on to the middle panel. Now you’re doing business.

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QR Codes are Popping up Everywhere

QR Code on Sign Guy's SignThe sign? Cut-to-shape acrylic with vinyl graphic; oval clear acrylic cut-to-shape base. QR Code by Google; artwork by Stephen Clem, Jr. Who's the cartoon character? Sign Guy, of course.


Agilion Apps’ Successful Trade Show Debut and Proof That Banners Properly Placed Get Seen

TECH JAM was held this past Friday and Saturday at a unique and easily accessible location—the former Borders Bookstore on Church Street in Burlington, VT.

This now annual event is an amalgam of trade show, job fair, and networking event for the technically literate. The types of businesses who showcase their products and services reads like a Who’s Who of Vermont high technology corporations—web design, biotech and biomedical, and wireless mobility to name just a few.

Agilion Apps made their trade show debut at this year’s event, and wisely kept their booth simple, but to the point. Adam Bouchard and his partners Sean Behan and Tristan O'Neil, used a black and white theme: black background/white logo and tagline. I thought the color choice an apt metaphor for their work—web applications that do the job they were written for with no gray area of doubt. Adam thought that amusing.

“In reality the black and white color scheme was the most economical,” Adam said. “But I like your Adam Bouchard & Partners Agilion Appswriter's interpretation.”

I like the fact that they engaged a bit of hutzpah and hung their banner high. No one else who had a banner, even the vertical retractable banner stands, lifted them up so that people could read them above other attendees’ heads.

“Did you notice our sign was the only one boldly on display because we suspended it from the ceiling?”Adam said. “We bought a cheap curtain rod to make the cloth fall firmly, and then used old Border’s book category sign wires to hang it. As people walked downstairs from the lectures, it was in plain sight and easy to read.”

Props go to Agilion Apps for having a professionally made banner, showing up in team uniforms (well, they all had matching corporate t-shirts in the now-iconic black and white color scheme), and for standing in front of their table in order to engage passers-by instead of behind it.

ROI on banner use? “We had a bunch of people mention our sign and we can attribute traffic to it,” said Adam. And to think they could have installed their banner down low on their table or on the wall behind them.

Sometimes Signs Are Like Haiku

Short, concise, constrained by limited space, signs can sometimes be a physical haiku. Haiku, remember, is an ancient Japanese form of poetry, and being a writer who loves, loves, loves words, I admire anyone who can write haiku well.

Haiku FlowersI don't claim to be a poet, but my good friend, Patti Westfall, pointed me in the direction of fellow Fort Collins, Colorado resident, @expertwriter, on Twitter who is a very clever poet. She is a full-time writer, and wrote some fun-to-read haiku the other day.

Here's what I've been doing in between meetings with clients and running our sign shop:

Graphics now installed
Customer loves the branding
On windows not cows.

Sign permits cause angst
Town says to reduce sign size
How to advertise?

Client wants van wrapped
Lots of color, big flames please
Signs are so much fun.

And lest we forget it's almost THAT season, which comes every four years:

Lawn signs popping up
Faces of politicians
Oh no, not again!

October 22nd Update: If you love Haiku, @Wendy o_O (on Twitter) found this post via twitter and linked to it from #Haiku Today, her online magazine. She posts articles on mindfulness, writing and haiku. Check her out!

Digital Signs: Another Way to Market Your Business

Digital signs are everywhere--bank lobbies (while you wait in line for the next available teller), waiting rooms, corporate boardrooms. They market to your clients non-stop. They tell you about the weather, the stockmarket, what you said on Twitter, and they can also play your ad. Yes, an ad about your business that your customers and clients see. And not just in a single location, but wherever else you have a digital sign--as in all of your retail locations.

Here's an example of one doing its job:



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