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Our New LogoWe receive dozens of client logos every week—some are instantly recognizable, others are only known by the client's target market and yet others are totally new to the marketplace. Some logos combine creative text and colors but don't actually tell you what products or services they provide.

If your product or service is terrific—people will learn about what you do quickly even if only by word of mouth.

But placing an abstract logo on a sign and expecting people to understand it is like talking Romanian to a room of English-speaking people. They may think you’re beautiful and love your intention and energy, but haven't any idea what you're trying to say.

It goes without saying that using a professional logo designer is always a good idea, but if you’re doing it on your own, use your design time wisely. Ask someone who’s in your target audience to offer their feedback. Does it make sense? Does it draw them in? Are they attracted to it? Because if they like it and want to know more, chances are that other members of your target audience will, too.

Branding, on the other hand, requires more than a simple logo change. To be effective, the brand mark needs to extend to all printed and displayed pieces, including websites, business cards, vehicle lettering, and product labels.

While branding may incur some expense, the real value to promoting a new brand is the opportunity to redefine your products while creating a pathway to greater exposure in the marketplace.

Are you re-branding? It's springtime—a time for new beginnings. Let us know if you need help, even if it's just an objective opinion.

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