Thoughts on Signs & Graphics

It’s tragic for us to see blank walls in the offices, company lobbies, and conference rooms we visit each year.

Tragic because they could be used in much better ways than as support structures for ceilings.
Don’t misunderstand us—walls do not have to be covered ceiling to floor with logos and advertising messages.

Instead, look at them as a blank canvas. Yes, add your logo and tagline, especially behind the receptionist’s chair.Wall wrap as mural It’s a great way to invite your clients in to your space. But you can also wallpaper your space with photographic images (of you and your staff?), illustrations of your products, quotes that you love from people you admire, and mission statements.

The process of designing a wall wrap (so called because the wrap adheres to the contours of the wall, using the architectural elements of your space in a unique way) is the same as designing any sign—we take measurements, talk to you about your needs and wants, compose a layout, and schedule the installation. The sky is the limit when it comes to the wrap design, so think outside the box!

What are wall graphics? Similar to a wrap with regard to the material used to make them, wall graphics like to be installed on flat surfaces. They can be individually cut text, or your logo done as a giant decal.

One more consideration—when you combine wall graphics/wraps with dimensional elements (signs that protrude from the wall), you add even greater visual appeal than just the one-dimensional wall graphic/wrap. This is a lovely way to enhance your company logo. Remember, the sky’s the limit.

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