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Much maligned for its lack of durability (see more on that below.). Revered for its low cost. Most often called wire step stakes, or just step stakes, they are made to be used in conjunction with coroplast. Together they make great yard signs.

Flutes on a coroplast signCoroplast is a plastic corrugated substrate (substrates are the materials used for a sign), and the flutes formed by the corrugation are where the wire step stakes slide into (see photo.) The opposite end slides into the ground.

NOTE: People see the cross bar on these step stakes as a place to put their foot as they push the stake into the ground.

This is where the lowly wicket is maligned—that cross bar is only meant to maintain the H-shape of the stake. The cross bar is spot welded and will come lose with a push by someone’s foot. Instead, push each leg of the stake into the grounds with your hands.

Watch this short video:

Step stakes come in a variety of sizes and quality, with the economy brand being the least expensive. The heavier weight version is good for signs that you will be using over and over again. Install them into the ground just as you do for the economy version.

As with coroplast signs, step stakes are innately temporary. They are metal, so they can withstand rain, but in high winds, they can bend along with the sign they are attached to. But they are convenient and affordable, so they remain a popular option for contractors who use them as job site signs, or politicians who use them with their campaign signs, or as House For Sale and Yard Sale signs. For these purposes, the lowly wicket is King.




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