Test Your Sign Knowledge

Let's talk about channel letter signage. Channel who? It's a sign industry term for, well, I'm going to hold you in suspense for a minute and test your sign knowledge.

Below are four photos of signs we have produced. Can you select the channel letters from the lineup without peeking at the answer? Here goes:

Furniture World Channel Letters


Something Sweet Channel Letters








Okay, I was sneaky and selected four photos, all of which are channel letters. Three of them are internally illuminated: Furniture World of Vermont, Gadue's, and Something Sweet. What may surprise you is that the ECHO letters are non-illuminated.

What makes these signs channel letters is not the fact that they are internally illuminated. Channel letters are hollow, formed letters, lit or unlit.

Furniture World of Vermont's letters are internally illuminated and if they were on when this photo was taken, you would see the front of the letters lit up. You may also notice that they are hanging from a horizontal band. This is called a raceway and is where the wiring for the letters is located. Many building owners prefer to have the channel letters mounted on a raceway, because they require only one penetration of the building face for electrical service.

Something Sweet's letters are also illuminated and they are not attached to a raceway. They are also what are called Reverse Channel Letters because the illumination comes from the opening in the back, casting a white glow around the letters.


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