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Hooray to the business people who choose to use magnetic signs to advertise their business! Magnetics are a wise investment: as you travel in your company, or personal, vehicle, you are communicating your business message to everyone you pass.


In the realm of vehicle graphics, magnetic signs are the only ones that you can place on and then take off your vehicle. The magnetic backing adheres to the side of your car, truck, or van. Your advertising message is printed or adhered onto the surface of the magnetic so that it's visible to people parked next to, or are passing you on the road.


Three reasons why you may select magnetic signs rather than permanent vehicle graphics:

1. Your personal vehicle doubles as your business vehicle. During the business day, your magnetics travel with you around the countryside. When you're done your business day, the magnetic signs come off.

2. You're planning on trading in your business vehicle, or are replacing it soon. Installing permanent graphics is not worth the price for this temporary situation. 

3. You live in a community that doesn't allow you to have business vehicles in your driveway.

Here are some installation, cleaning, and storage tips for you. Read them over and adhere to the cautions and notes—that way, you’ll have the magnetic signs for years to come.


In fact, we just replaced a pair of magnetics for Linda Corey, Equine Dentist, that we had made for her more than 10 years ago. She keeps them on her truck as she travels from home to stable and back again. See the blog post here.

The vehicle surface and the brown magnetic side of the sign should be clean, dry and waxed prior to applying. We recommend using the same wax you would apply to your vehicle.

Touch one edge of the magnetic sign to the vehicle surface in the desired location and then let the adjacent part of the sign contact the surface until the entire sign is held magnetically in place. If your sign is not in the desired position, remove and repeat above. (Do not try to straighten the sign by pulling on it when it is attached to the vehicle as this may stretch the material.) Do not rotate the sign while it is attached to the vehicle or you may scratch the vehicle’s paint.

Avoid placing your sign over trim or molding. Also make sure that the sign lays flat and that no air can get between the vehicle and your sign. Important: The temperature of the sign should be at least 60 degrees during installation.

Magnetic vehicle signs will NOT adhere to areas on your car where plastic body fillers have been used. Use caution in applying vehicle signs to areas of your car that have been damaged and repaired in order to avoid losing your signs. Make sure the entire magnet is against the metal surface (no air pockets).

Clean your signs once a week with warm water and a mild detergent. Dry completely with a soft cloth.

Trapped moisture, dirt or chemicals may harm your vehicle's finish. To protect the clear coat/base coat and vinyl surfaces present on some new vehicles, it is recommended that your signs be removed weekly and both the signs and vehicle be cleaned and dried. Pay close attention for any changes in your vehicle’s finish. A generous waxing of both the surface where the signs will be placed and the back of the sign itself will help prevent damage.

To avoid cracking or breaking, do not fold or crease your signs. It is recommended that you always store your magnetic signs flat. A great place to store them is against the side of a filing cabinet or refrigerator. Never roll your signs tighter than 8 inches in diameter. Slight curls in the magnetic material can be removed by placing your magnetic signs onto the flat part of the roof or hood of your vehicle on a warm and sunny day. Be careful not to let the magnetic signs overheat or they may stretch.


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