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Your sign is your silent salesman, working for your business day and night. As one of your key marketing tools, you want your sign to be readable, attractive and easily read.

Here are 5 odd and ineffective sign ideas that we have come across over the course of 15 years. Along with the problem is a simple solution that will garner your business the attention you want and deserve, in a stylish way!

1. Yellow lettering on a white background.
Problem: Yellow is cheery and spring-like, but offers little contrast against the white background.

Solution: Outline the yellow in a contrasting color such as black, forest green, or burgundy. The lettering will pop out and be easy to read.

2. Your business card layout as your sign design.
Problem: Your potential customers are searching for the message on your sign. If they have to read a lot of text, you have lost both their attention and interest.

Solution: Pick the three most important elements of your business message. This is your business name, tagline, and either your web address or phone number. If space allows, add a line or two more, but remember this axiom: Less is more in sign design.

3. Standard sized magnetics, instead of vehicle graphics, on the sides of a van or box truck.
Problem: A magnetic size of 12” x 24” looks tiny on the side of a van or truck, and you are only using a fraction of your advertising space.

Solution: Consider having, maybe for the same or similar price, vehicle graphics installed. You'll be purchasing larger advertising that will attract the attention your business deserves. If you use your car for business, but want it to be your family car after hours, then a pair of magnetic signs makes sense for that vehicle.

4. Banner material instead of a hard material as your permanent sign.
Problem: While it's often sold at an attractive price, banners are meant to be temporary signs. And because they are perceived to be temporary, hanging them above your entranceway makes your business look temporary, too.

Solution: Make the investment of a permanent sign. There are many options available with regard to materials. In the long run, your sign will make you more money than it did for the sign company who made it!

5. Refurbish a 10-year-old plywood sign.
Problem: Even repainted and lettered, a 10-year-old plywood sign will remain looking like a shabby old sign. It is wood after all, but plywood does not acquire a beautiful patina over time.

Solution: If your budget is limited, decide to get a simple, but permanent sign. A professionally made sign will showcase your products and services better than a remade sign. If your budget is extra tight, you can purchase a banner, but plan on it being temporary or you'll become problem #4!

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