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Are you ready to do a Sign Survey and need a little help? Whether you've purchased signs before, or if a new sign purchase is in your future, please use the following checklist as a guide through the many-step process of updating, selecting or producing a new sign:

Step #1: Visit or call your local Town Planning and Zoning Administrator and ask the following questions:

What is the maximum size allowed for outdoor signs and how do you determine square footage allowances?

*What is the maximum height above ground allowed?

*What are your set-back limitations?

*What are your illumination options for internal & external signage?

*What information is required for a sign permit?

Step #2: Assess your company's signage needs by answering the following questions:

*Logo and Design services?

*Main ID signs?

*Building signs?

*Directional and/or A.D.A. compliant signs?

*Welcome or entryway signs?

*Indoor signs?

*Vehicle graphics for advertising or DOT compliance purposes?

*A-Frames for announcing events, deadlines or community events?

*Banners or a trade show booth?

*Temporary signs for construction jobsites or political events?

Step #3: Hire a Sign Company. Here's how:

*Call you favorite local sign company and schedule a consultation.

*Consult with the company regarding your current sign situation.

*Send your list of signage needs to the company.

*Determine who handles your installation and/or electrical wiring - you or the sign company.

*Determine who will remove and dispose of your old sign(s)?

*Request a quote.

*Pay a deposit.

*Fill out your Sign Permit Application.

*Receive layout for approval by you, your landlord and your City or Town Clerk's office.

*Receive Sign Permit.

*If digging is required, call Digsafe to confirm your installation location is free of utilities.

*Prepare site as required for installation.

Congratulations! Your sign advertises your business 24/7 at the lowest impression rate of any other type of advertisement. You can now reap the benefits of great signage and cost-effective advertising.

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