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Whatever the season it may be, now is an excellent time to conduct a critical look at your outdoor advertising.

Walk outside and take a look at your main I.D. sign: your advertising tool that tells everyone the name of your business and what services or products you sell. Ask yourself: Is it looking a little dingy? Has the cold of Winter, the amazing fluctuations in seasonal temperatures, or the effects of year-round ultraviolet radiation from the sun damaged the paint or caused the vinyl lettering to peel?

Are you communicating a sense of quality about your products and services or a sense of "so what?" Does the sign invite the business community in, or does it do little more than act as a bland edifice verifying to prospects and customers that they've reached your place of business? Consider this: are any of your signs making you money? They advertise for you 24/7, but are they as effective as they need to be?

Now walk back inside. Your exterior sign is a terrific sales tool, but consider adding a sign to the lobby wall as a way of branding your company (as well as being aesthetically pleasing). Do you even have an interior sign that greets customers when they walk through your door?

Conduct a sign survey with the ultimate goal of making your business more visible to the community. Your job is to consider how comprehensive your current signage package is, or isn't and to take into consideration the fact that signage draws people in and provides the impulse to make a purchase. During the season of mixed snow and mud we call Spring, the heat of Summer, or the crisp coolness of Fall, go ahead, take a survey. Freshening up your single most visible marketing tools will help you stand apart from the competition, and stand out from your business neighbors.

Are you ready to do a survey and need a little help? Whether you've purchased signs before, or if a new sign purchase is in your future, enjoy a copy of our Free Sign Checklist .

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