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When customers and prospects wonder where to get your specific products and services, you want your name on the top of their list. The frequency and effectiveness of your marketing efforts is what keeps you top-of-mind with your customers.

How you do this is simple and need not be expensive. Listed below are six doable suggestions that won’t bust your budget.

1. Start with Your Main Sign. This sounds so obvious, but take a look at your main I.D. sign. If people cannot read your sign for any reason, or if it's peeling and dirty, no one is going to notice you much less frequent your place of business.

Stand back and critically look at the sign. If you think your sign is okay, but suspect that it may be marginal, ask a trusted colleague to offer an honest assessment. Many times, your sign simply needs a good cleaning or a paint touch-up. Ask your sign vendor for suggestions. If you have a lit sign, and the sign is not lighting, either partially or totally, hire an electrician to replace the bulbs and armatures.

2. Advertise with Banners. Look for excuses to hang a banner on your building or from your main sign. Advertising specials and sales are effective. Here is a novel idea: when hosting a fundraiser for your favorite charity, why not advertise it on a banner? Much like a press release that announces your latest business endeavors, the banner broadcasts your philanthropic pursuits. Even better: Your city or town may not require that you apply and pay a sign permit fee for a banner that announces a fundraiser or charity donation, and look at all the free publicity you get!

3. Become an Exhibitor. There is no better way to get in front of hundreds or thousands of prospects in a short amount of time than to exhibit at a trade show. If you don't own a trade show display, consider renting a booth and showcase your business at a local festival, home show or business exposition. Chat with your neighbors and friends about what you do. This is an opportunity to sell one-on-one with a captive audience.

4. Letter Your Vehicles. You can start by applying vinyl graphics directly to your van, pick-up and car windows and doors. If you have a personal vehicle only, you can still get the benefit by using magnetic signs that are removable. We often receive comments that people "heard" about us from the graphics on our vehicles. Try it out and you will be amazed at the comments you receive.

5. Letter Other People's Vehicles. Transportation companies are more than happy to have your logo and advertising message on the sides of their buses, vans and trolleys. This is one of the oldest methods of mass advertising and yet it is still greatly underutilized. The cost of this style of advertising is very modest considering the number of people who see your message.

6. Some Final Thoughts. Have you figured out that your business is not what you sell, but how you market your product or service? Marketing is a constant with all businesses. This short list is a jumping off point for you to keep your business in front of the public. Good luck!

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