Do you need portability? Changeable messages? Do you want to inform customers about a sale or event? Consider an A-Frame sign (also called sidewalk signs and sandwich boards). Your A-Frame can be customized with fixed message panels, changeable copy options or arrows that help direct traffic to your event or store. We offer a wide variety of styles from elegant interior-only signs to durable but attractive exterior A-Frames. These can be fabricated from wood, metal or plastic and can incorporate a wide variety of options to suit your particular needs. We even make custom A-Frames that are cut to shape!

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Quick Sign A-frame, Simpo A-frame and Signicade A-frame

These three aframes are easily customized to inform new and potential customers, increase your sales, identify your business, build your brand or advertise your products and services.


The small Quick sign holds a standard 18”H x 24”W panel, which can be double sided. Panel changes are quick and tool free allowing you to transport and store two messages in one convenient sign, and to change out to an unlimited number of panels..


The mid-sized Simpo aframe holds a 28”H x 22”W panel and also supports tool-free panel changes.


The large Signacade aframe holds 36”H x 24”W panels, is extremely rugged and durable, and can be ballasted with sand when used in extremely windy locations.


All three can be customized with full-color digital graphics, dry or wet erase panels, chalkboards, changeable sub-panels and rotating arrows. We can also outfit them with tracking and changeable copy to turn them into readerboards.


This Signacade aframe features a logo on top with five rows of changeable copy.This popular configuration allows a unique message to be displayed every day at each of their 25+ locations.

You can add sand to these aframes, which allows them to be used in extremely windy locations.

The large 36"H x 24"W panels can showcase a large amount of advertising or display any important message.

This type of signboard features a pair of 36”H x 24”W fixed message panels with arrows.The graphics are digitally printed in full color to attract and inform customers of the advertised services, thereby identifying and building the brand while increasing sales. Simple messages combined with strong graphics can create impulse buying and pull traffic to your store. The simple message and graphics in this example are visually appealing and dramatically increase product demand.

This custom wooden aframe features a fixed message panel displaying the logoform and colors used to identify the brand. It is designed to be used off premises to build awareness and increase traffic to the store.


Our windmaster aframes are both durable and practical. The snap-frame system holds large posters which can be changed out in seconds, and the large springs allow them to remain safely in place in winds approaching 40 mph.


This custom cut-to-shape aframe is both whimsical and clever. The unique shape increases brand awareness, advertises the products offered, and informs customers of the stores location. This solution is the perfect way to draw attention and traffic to a shop in a challenging location.


This highly customized aframe is a quick change artist. Outfitted with rotating arrows, several changeable panels, and a fixed message panel, it is easy to reconfigure for different events while maintaining brand integrity.


This elegant aframe features a snap-frame allowing instant change out of the full-color digitally printed posters. Designed to advertise specials and increase sales, it provides great visual appeal and brand identity.



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