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What's a Step & Repeat banner, anyway? It's a banner that stands behind people whose photos are being taken--they are printed with a logo or logo and text that identifies an organization or the event at which the banner is being used.

Familiar with Hollywood's red carpet? Celebrities are often photographed standing in front of a step and repeat banner. The ones in Hollywood are huge--several feet high and wide so that multiple people can stand in front and the banner looks like a wall behind them.

You don't need to purchase a 20' wide banner, but select a size that will allow some versatility. We suggest an 8' or 10' wide x 8' high size.

How do they stand up? Step and repeat banners can have grommets on the top that are fastened to the wall or ceiling, but the easiest way to travel and install this type of banner is to purchase a frame to go behind it or purchase an extra-wide retractable banner stand like those on this page.

UVM Foundation Step & Repeat Retractable Banner StandTo your left is a large retractable banner stand, measuring 60"w x 92"h. It has the logo repeated in a pleasing manner across the width and large enough to be readable in close-up photographs. It isn't a huge step and repeat, but it works as an attractive backdrop in a booth at a trade show event.

The Step & Repeat in the photo above (behind the podium) is, in essence, a trade show display with the graphics printed onto a fabric that stretches across the frame so that it's flat and photographs well. It is wide enough that two to three people can stand in front and be photographed.

Banners and banner stands are easily customized for whatever purpose you need them for.

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