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Magnetic Signs - A Constant Form of Advertising

Linda Corey, Fairfax, Vermont, describes her magnetic signs as a constant form of advertisement. She purchased her first pair from us in August, 1997, and soon found out something amazing. Whether she stopped for gasoline, or at a store to purchase lunch during her travels around VT, NH and NY, people would often ask her for a business card, or about her work as an equine dentist.

When Linda returned to us for a new set of magnets recently, she brought in her floppy and zip discs. Surprise! The technology hadLinda Corey, Equine Dentist, vehicle magnetic signs with photo of horse changed and Linda learned that floppies and zip discs had gone by the wayside. The good news was that we had her original file that we designed in August of 1997.

The technology, being what it is today, allowed us to produce the magnetics for Linda and have them completed by the next day.

“They are absolutely beautiful and I love the new method and materials used,” said Linda. “I have never ever had a magnet fall off or blow off my vehicles. I travel many, many miles in a year's time through all types of weather and road conditions.”

Linda is smart (Of course—she’s a dentist for horses!): She keeps her magnetic signs clean and after every few car washes, Linda sprays the backs of the signs with furniture polish, cleans the front, and wipes them dry. She says it helps them repel grime. She is correct!

(The photographic image is a picture of Linda’s childhood horse.)

Before & After: Hair Salon Received a Business Sign with Cut & Color

When Hair Forte, located on Patchen Road in South Burlington, Vermont, purchased a new business sign from us two years ago, they didn't know how a fresh look would affect their business.

Their sign at the time was easily tenHair Forte's Outdated Sign years old and the teal and white color combination was, well, very 90's to say the least. Kathy Laidman, co-owner, confessed that she didn't realize that the sign looked outdated in terms of the color, the style of sign and the general wear and tear it was beginning to show.

We visited her salon and brought her some ideas that were groundbreaking for her and business partner/husband Thom.

By the time Pat (our employee) came in, we had already started to change the waiting room," Kathy said. "Pat loved the feel of the space and asked me to consider carrying that outside to the sign."

Which meant that the red, black and white colors in the waiting room became the colors for their new sign. "Pat then advised us to take the red and bring it into the entrance by painting the door that color, too," said Kathy. "We would never have thought about doing that without her advice. We stepped outside of the box we were in and changed the whole presence of our building."

Hair Forte's New Look

Some of the positive comments they received include:

* Love the color!

* Your sign is more visible.

* I like the big phone number.

* It's so attractive.

Even better was the surprising result of installing a new sign--the number of walk-in and appointment client counts doubled within a month.

"We saw the difference in business immediately," Kathy said. "We knew it was the colors and the modern, fresh feel of the sign."

Equally surprising to Kathy and Thom was the relatively low investment they needed to make. Compared to print advertising, signs are a one-time cost and a sign continues to advertise day and night all year long.

"And to think that I didn't want to spend the money," Kathy said. "You think signs are a big expense, but they really aren't. My question is why don't we do it more often?"

After two years, the Hair Forte sign looks great. When was the last time you purchased a sign for your business?



A Mighty Sign for a Mighty Mission

Last Sunday, November 15, The congregants of Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Jericho, Vermont, reinstalled their sign.

The 5'w x 10'h sign was purchased several years ago with memorial money. Since its original installation, it has had periodic refurbishments, including repainting of the sign face.

By this summer, the sign was once more looking its age. The paint was peeling in large flakes, particularly on the western side facing the sun. The dimensional logos were a bit faded and all in all, it did not reflect the vibrant Good SGood Shepherd Lutheran Church Signhepherd church community.

But purchasing a new sign the same size as this one, and made with materials that were more weather-durable, was not in the church budget. Even refurbishing the sign had its price tag, so a deal was made: We at SignARama would make panels that adhered to the sign, and that would effectively cover the peeling center panels.

We also agreed to either replace or repaint the logos, and re-mount them to the new panels. Church members volunteered to remove the sign, scrape and sand the redwood trim to remove the peeling polyurethane, prime and paint the trim, and reinstall the sign. A few more volunteers stepped up to spray paint the brackets, and putty and paint the large sign posts. In all, ten volunteers worked on the sign.

"We didn't realize how much work the scraping and painting would take," said Ann Mallet, church member. "But then we came to appreciate the redwood trim once it was done. We also realized that the trim was what made the sign so heavy!"
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Sign
But what Ann and the volunteers did realize was how much more vested they became in their sign, a sign that was sorely missed by church and community members. Reinstalling the Good Shepherd sign was more of a barn-raising than a simple installation, and this is where a sign for a place of worship differs from a business sign: the emotional attachment.

While all signs advertise what the sign owner does along with the hours they are open, as well as greeting their "customers" upon arrival, a sign at a church reminds its congregants that they are part of a larger community. No wonder Ann Mallett called this symbol of her church "A mighty sign for a mighty mission." Amen.

Do you have a similar story about a sign at your place of worship?

Reproducing a Logo? Think Smart!

Recently, a gentleman named Dale walked into our shop (not his real name). As a lover of all things biker related (that's motorcycles), Dale wanted us to produce multiple copies of a motorcyle manufacturer's logo in full color. He planned on installing the logos on his car and truck windows.

Reproducing logos for use on truck and car windows is one of our services, but this particular request became an immediate problem. It was not Dale's logo. If we produced the logo without the company's consent, then that would be an infringement.

Copyright infringement, that is. And let it be known upfront that we don't like to break the law.

"No way, Jose," is what we told him. With a look of incredulity on his face, he asked why.

"It's simple," we said. "The bike manufacturer owns it. We can't make copies of their logo without their permission."

"Well, just change it a little," Dale said. "Update the look but use the same name. That way it's sort of different, and sort of the same."

"Not so fast Dale. The company owns the logo outright and had it trademarked. Neither one of us owns the trademark. Sounds like another infringement."

In short, if you're asking us to produce your logo for vehicle graphics and wraps, banners, umbrellas, posters or any other signage product, please own all the rights. Or, request information from us on logo design. We offer these services to you, and the copyright will be yours. A win-win scenario.

P.S. On this same topic, another gentleman by the name of Franz called us. He's opening a new apparel store and sent us artwork of a very familiar logo. His request is to make window graphics and a sign using just the logo.

When asked if he has permission to use the trademarked image, he immediately sent us proof that he does. Terrific!

So add that to your list of to-do's: if you want to use a trademarked logo, or copyrighted text, get permission to do so. It's not difficult, may not cost all that much money, and best of all, you're legal!


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