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Great Big Graphics for Vehicles--Great Advertising!

Kitchen World's Vehicle Before Graphics InstallationWe love before and after photos, especially when a client opts for true advertising value--large, full-color graphics with exceptional readability.

Imagine for a minute this truck traveling down the road. You may be driving alongside the truck, but have no idea which business owns the truck, much less what the company offers its customers.

The Kitchen World graphic in the upper corner of the truck is barely visible and doesn't do justice to the quality of the work the company does. It's just a big, white truck.

Now imagine you're driving past a house and notice the truck parked in the front and parallel to the road. Aha! Your neighbors are getting a new kitchen! Wow, you think, can't wait to be invited over to see how it looks. Kitchen World does exceptional work!   Kitchen World's Vehicle Graphics Side View

Yes, people do read signs on the sides of vehicles and make judgements about the company based on the quality of their graphics.

For this box truck, we applied the graphics as wrap vinyl, which conforms to any curves, bumps, and rivets on the truck's exterior.

We didn't design the graphics, but want to applaud the designer who did. When you stand next to the truck, it looks like you can simply walk right into the kitchen.

Side and Back of Kitchen World's Truck


Another great example of great big graphics that tell an exciting story about a company's business.

A 59' Wide Banner in Burlington, Vermont?

When we received a call from St. Paul’s Cathedral, asking us for information on banners, specifically one that would be 7’high x 59’wide, we hesitated for a very brief moment.

Not because we can’t produce a banner that size, or had any qualms about the banner itself at all. We worried more that the city of Burlington would nix the idea because the size wouldn’t conform to Burlington’s zoning laws. We thought this because we had not, in eighteen years, made a banner nearly as large as this one.

We needn’t have worried. Church volunteers sought a permit, received it, and The Big Banner project was born.

“The Big Banner began as a PRIDE project of IntegrityVT—the ministry of the EBanner on St. Paul's Cathedral, Burlington, Vermontpiscopal Church to/for LGBTQ persons—who financed its cost through a grant from Integrity National and two generous VT donors,” Judith McManis said, a member of the church. “The colorful 'vortex' design is evocative of a rainbow but with the colors re-arranged, its strands symbolizing the energy poured into the widely varying ministries of this urban Church.

Judith explained that church buildings are often part of the visual 'outreach' of faith communities, but buildings don't often communicate a message of outreach, but simply say "this is an establishment." Banners are used to enlarge the message.

“An unusual church building such as that of St. Paul's Cathedral can use its somewhat stark exterior in revolutionary ways to speak to the greater community,” Judith said.

And so the banner now hangs on the church—all 7 foot high by 59 foot-wide’s worth—as a welcome sign to the community.

Why is an Insect Graphic on the Apple Delivery Truck?

Sunrise Orchards, located in Cornwall, Vermont, is a locally owned company offering delicious apples to Vermont residents and those living elsewhere in the northeast region. They grow approximately 130,000 bushels of McIntosh, Empire, Cortland, Honeycrisp, Mac oun, Red Delicious, Jonagold, Granny Smith, and my favorite--Paula Red.

What is very interesting about their business, aside from growing one of America's favorite fruits, is their use of an IPM--an integrated Pest Management--program.

They use it through an Eco-Apple protocol, a program developed specifically for northeastern apple production. The protocol includes monitoring temperatures, rain and insects in their orchards during the growing season, and only treating them when certain conditions occur and all other options have been used.

The treatments don't harm beneficial species, including bees, lady beetles, and lacewings. Lacewings? They are a predatory insect that, as larvae, eat harmful insects like aphids. In fact, they are apt to eat so many aphids during their larval stage that they are also called Aphid Lions.

So, under all the lettering on their new trucks, Sunrise Orchards pays an hommage to the green Lacewing who, in part, helps protect their valuable apple crop. How cool is that?



New Signs for a New Store in Williston, VT!

Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity (GMHfH) is opening their firstGreen Mountain Habitat for Humanity Restore Vermont ReStore on Route 2A in Williston tomorrow, September 8th. They remodeled approximately 6000 square feet at 528 Essex Road to hold their social enterprise that sells building materials and household items. Sales from the store provide stable funding for their home building projects while keeping usable building materials out of landfills.

I peeked through their door windows yesterday and saw sofas, stands and cupboards and lots of other home decor pieces waiting to be purchased. According to their website, Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity started reselling building materials through their Franklin-Grand Isle chapter in 2010Green Mountain Habitat for Humanity. Twice a month, they offer building materials for sale out of a Highgate warehouse. GMHfH hopes is to raise significant funds with this Chittenden County store. Nationally, there are 800 Habitat for Humanity ReStores, and last year sales from these stores generated $77 million that was used to build affordable housing.

The Restore provides free pickup from your home or business (Contractors--I'll bet they would pick up old windows, wood and other home and building materials at your job site), and the materials donated provide you with a tax deduction. Anyone wanting to learn how to build green can get lessons from the Restore staff.


Six Tips for Enhancing Your Trade Show Experience When on a Budget

When Career Networks owner, Markey Read, decided to exhibit at the annual Women’s Expo several years ago, she used her creative skills to design her own trade show display: a dark backer board covered with fabric on which she used Velcro to adhere her card stock and paper graphics.

Although neatly done, her table display was heavy and cumbersome to set up. She made the graphics that hung on the display, but they were beginning to show wear and tear.  She is a career counselor and business coach, not a graphic artist. When she wanted to change anything about her display, it was a hassle.

This is often the case with small business owners who want to grow their business, but don’t have a large budget for trade show equipment and graphics. If you need to start small, here are some pointers: 

First, consider a table top unit. Markey had the right idea about her backer board—it stood on her table and the graphics she mounted to it were at easy-reading height to attendees walking by.
Table Top Trade Show Display
Her newer table top display does the same thing, but takes only a few minutes (really, only minutes) to set up on her trade show table.

Second, don’t clutter your display with a lot of text. This won’t attract people to your booth—as they walk by, they will see lots of hard-to-read text, which will not be inviting or interesting. Your literature—pamphlet or flyer—can hold the extra text.

Third, put your table with display either at the back of the booth, or the front, but don’t stand out of sight behind it. Stand next to it so that you can greet visitors to your booth. And do not sit down. It makes you look uninterested in being at the trade show. If you need a rest, take a break and leave the trade show floor.

Fourth, have your graphics professionally produced. The display will look that much better if your logo and graphics are done professionally. We have had clients add their own handmade items to a display. Unless you’re an artist, or very skilled, leave the graphics production up to the professionals.

Fifth, do a few decorative items to put in front of, and around the display. A visually appealing table attracts people to your booth.

Sixth, add new trade show tools that will enhance your table top display one piece at a time. Consider the purchase of a retractable banner stand, a table cover with your name and logo on it, or a literature holder for your pamphlets and brochures.

And most importantly, greet the attendees with a smile and handshake. These are always the best tools to bring to a trade show.

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