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We are a corporate sponsor for the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts, our local theater and theater arts venue. It’s a jewel in Burlington’s creative crown and we love providing them with sign solutions for their communications issues.

Original metal directory signThey needed a solution recently and wanted to correct the problem with a fast turnaround. 

Nancy Abbott-Hourigan, assistant to the Executive Director and the curator/manager of the Center’s Amy E. Tarrant Gallery, told us that someone decided to yank off the wall and remove one of their directory signs--specifically, the directory in the lobby of the FlynnSpace next to the theater’s main entrance and ticket outlet window.

It was a metal sign with slats that posted the floor level and office names. Now the directory was gone and guests looking for the administrative offices, dance, and other class rooms would not know where to find them.

They needed the directory quickly and to Nancy’s credit, she suggested we make the sign from vinyl and apply the directory directly to the wall. It can’t be taken from the wall like the metal sign because it’s high overhead, and the wall allowed it to be big enough to catch people’s eye and be easily read.

While we’re at it, Nancy said, let’s add the Flynn Center’s Mission Statement. Years ago, former Executive Director, Andrea Rogers, talked to us about applying the mission statement to a wall around the corner from the lobby. It would be completely out of view unless you decided to use the elevator.

Wall graphics installed at the Flynn Center

Instead, the statement resides next to the directory and announces their mission while immediately letting people know what offices are on what floor. The vinyl color matches the vinyl used on the exterior window of the adjacent Amy E. Tarrant Gallery—it’s a soft, off-white. It looks great on the window and awesome in contrast to the lobby’s wall color.

Thank you, Flynn Center, for allowing us to provide you with an alternative to standard directory signs with something that will work for years to come.

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