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Peggy Munro, E.A., from Tax Panacea in Essex Jct., ordered signs from SignARama Vermont. Her home office entrance is now easily found by her clients, and an enlarged Tax Panacea logo now adorns her interior business hallway.

We interBrass sign at exterior to officeviewed Peggy about her new signs.

Q: Why signs? You have a home office with an easy-to-find address—why did you add the brass sign to your entrance?

A: This one's easy - no one is ever sure whether to come to my front door or the office door, and after four years, I still can't remember which doorbell rings where. Also, I'm tired of UPS/Fedex and the PO putting packages in all sorts of places, only to be found weeks later.

Q: How has the entrance signed helped you and your clients?

A: Everyone likes the front door sign, thinks it looks terrific, and makes the business look much more businesslike.
Tax Panacea hallway sign
Q: Why your logo in the hallway?

A: I'm trying to brand my business more. I had the logo created years ago, and always wanted it in the hallway, but never got that far. This is just a first step (although I think we have to come up with a better way to light it).

Q: How has the Tax Panacea logo affected your clients?

A: The logo is very abstract, and everyone seems to read something different into it. There was certainly a basis for it (a giant aspirin), but I'm enjoying listening to people's interpretations of the artwork. And, as an icebreaker for new clients, or just as a way to get a difficult conversation started (as conversations about money tend to be), it's a way in that feels natural, not abrupt.

Q: Overall, how have the signs helped your business, you, and your clients in tangible and intangible ways?

A: Even though mine is an invisible business (it's in the basement of a house in an extremely residential neighborhood), this lets people now (1) that they're in the right place, and (2) that this is no fly-by-night, street-corner tax service, but a real and very serious business venture.

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