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The driver of the car drove way too fast for the slick roadway. As he approached the curve on Leroy Road in Williston, VT, he realized his mistake. The road turned to the left, but he kept on going up and over the wall in front of Best Tile. We suspect he was trying not to hit another car. Fortunately, no one was hurt in this accident.

A car hit our sign!Except for the sign. You can see parts of it near the wheels. We received an email shortly after the accident that read, "My street sign suffered a life ending injury a couple of days ago."

Replacement was fairly easy. We acquired a sign permit for their new sign and then scheduled an installation date. It's still winter here in Vermont, so we chose a day where the temperature was above single digits. The manager, Doug Maynes, watched our staff during installation.

"I made a point to go out and thank the installers. I know it wasn't easy to get tBest Tile has a new signhrough the frost layer,. I watched them towards the end where they took great care to make sure it was level and right," Doug said. "I appreciated that they took some pride on what they were doing."

We've been told that people can read the new sign from at least a quarter mile away, which is advantageous for Best Tile. The visibility gets them the attention they deserve from a sign that's very visible, and branded with their logo.

Of course, removing the car has helped their branding efforts, too.



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