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Cindy McKinstrie from the Busy Chef loves her cartopper.

She decided to The Busy Chef Cartopper Signtake a lesson from taxi companies and pizza joints--when her car is on the road conducting business, it wears a message that advertises her company. One that she can put on or take off as she needs. Her car isn't always a business vehicle.

She realized early in her catering career that while taxis are driving people from the airport to home, and back again, and pizza deliverers are making certain their customers receive their orders of mushroom and pepperoni pizzas, their roof signs are advertising what they do.

Even easier to read than magnetic signs, car toppers are yet another advertising tool for businesses with vehicles on the road. Make the lettering black on white, or full-color (remember that contrast is important--no yellow letters, please!).

Like Michael Jackson's single white glove, or Carrot Top's bright red hair, cartoppers are memorable, draw attention, and make people look at you. Great qualities in a marketing tool!

Could your business use a cartopper? If not a cartopper, how can your vehicle be advertising your business as you drive from client to client or around town on business? Let us know!

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