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In the last post, you learned about sign refurbishment for Kinsington Condo Association’s 12-year-old sign. Association president, Brenda Howley, loves their newly done sign. It’s a friendly, attractive welcome to her development, and she and the condo board are happy to have saved money while getting their old sign looking good again.

So a recap of the project: we retrieved the sign from its holder, and assessed the damage. It looked worse than it actually was. After a thorough cleaning, we started the procesKinsington Sign Primeds of prepping it for paint. First, the sign needed some repair. We filled the dents and line cracks with plastic filler and then sanded the entire front and all of the sign edges. Sandpaper and elbow grease also removed the remains of the fungus and dirt while removing any paint pigment that had chalked.

That was followed by a coat of quality primer paint. Then another coat, with time for the coats to dry completely between paintings.

Even all white, it looked better! We painted the firstKinsington Sign with First Coat of Blue Paint coats of blue on the front and edges. And once the second coat dried, each of the letters was painted. Fortunately, our employee has a steady hand and kept the white paint within the lines and prevented any of it bleeding into the blue.

In all it took a few weeks to complete the sign, allowing for lots of dry time between coats of paint. For a fraction of the cost of a new one, Kinsington Condos now has its friendly greeter back at the condo development entrance.


Kinsington Sign Ready for Installation

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