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Relay For Life is a Banner of Commitment for the American Red Cross

When the American Red Cross Blood Center asked us to replace one of their banners recently and forwarded a photo of them using it, I checked in with them for some more details. The headline on the banner, “Walking in Vein,” was intriguing enough for me to contact Carol Dembeck, their Communications Project manager for more details.

As it turns out, employees at the blood center participate as a team in Relay For Life, the annual fundraiser for the American Cancer Society. Teams raise funds in advance of the scheduled event, and then camp for 24 hours at a location that includes a track. Team members relay around the track through the night to honor cancer victims and survivors.

Our local American Red Cross has always made events they’ve participated in fun and entertaining. Why not? They certainly extended their senses of humor as participants in Relay For Life (see their photo), without diminishing the importance and seriousness of the event.

“We are committed to the Relay For Life for two reasons: First, much of the blood donated to the Red Cross is used tAmerican Red Cross at Relay For Lifeo support the treatment of cancer patients. Second, there are a number of people who worked here who have died of cancer, or who are survivors and virtually every one of us has been touched by this disease in some way,” said Dembeck.

So you might think that the American Red Cross only supports other non-profits that support medical issues, or who are in need of blood products.

Think again.

“In addition to participating in the Relay For Life,” said Dembeck. “We have also manned a water station at the KeyBank Vermont City Marathon for many years, participated in the Dragon Boat Festival, have volunteered at Vermont Public Television pledge drives, and helped out at other community event.”

In other words, the American Red Cross is a good neighbor. Do you know of other instances where one non-profit helped another?

Did these kids really want to design signs?

These kids I’m referring to are freshmen and sophomores from Colchester High School (Colchester, VT) who participated today in Linking Learning to Life’s (LLL) Learn to Earn program.

LLL asked Bob and I to give two, one-hour presentations about our careers, and what we do now as small business owners. Bob was clever and made it interactive—we all met at the computer lab and Donuts from Jakartathe students were able to access ShopSignARama online, and use the design tool to make a banner for their make-believe Donut Shop.

If you think kids today are worst in some way than the kids you went to school with, think again. We met about 30 young men and women who were polite, and amazingly creative. Some jumped into the project and found the donuts clipart and images within minutes of starting.

Some liked to collaborate with buddies, coming up with interesting Donut Store names and terrific layouts. One clever student found an image of Homer Simpson holding a donut, and this allowed us to talk about the how-to’s of using copyrighted and trademarked images and how to license their use (even though they’re readily available online, it does not mean you can use them for FREE, tempting that it is).

Did the kids want to design signs? I think some of them enjoyed it, but most of them, maybe not. But we probably enjoyed ourselves more than the kids did helping them learn simple graphic arts. We hope we may have inspired a few, entertained them, and taught them that a career today is what you make of it. Look at us: a microbiologist and a molecular biologist who make and sell signs. Who knew?

Trade Show Signs for the Vermont Business & Industry Expo

Vermont Business & Industry Banner SignsIn just a few weeks, we all meet again for two days of networking and partnering to make our businesses the best they can be.

Before you unpack your trade show display, consider what messages you are trying to convey—

* New products and services

* New approaches to conducting business

* New staff members and more locations

How do you deliver your message, put your best foot forward and capture more salesShadow Productions Retractable Banner Stand?

Your Signs. And trade show signs are one of the best investments you can make for your business—

* Quality—You can use them year after year, and they continue to look good

* Ease of Use—Pop open your display; unravel your retractable banner and you’re ready to go

* Versatility--You can use your display for one audience, and switch out the signs for a new audience

And if you're not yet using QR Codes, you may want to. It's another way to attract attention to your website and let people know what you do. This one did for us:

QR Code for website



7th Annual Vermont Women’s Expo – A Life Changing Event!

Vermont Women's Expo

The Vermont Women’s Expo continues to get better and better. The Expo offers all types of businesses, large and small, an opportunity to promote their products and services to the area’s largest decision making consumer – Women.

“The fun-filled day offers something for every interest,” states event producer, Kate Alberghini. “Our goal is to peak an interest in a wide variety of women, get them to the event and then introduce them to 100+ local businesses they might not otherwise investigate. It is great for our local businesses and great for area women.”

At the Women’s Expo you can have a massage or psychic reading and a few booths later learn about continuing education, how to start your own business, invest your money or how to redecorate your home.

“In discussing the event with an exhibitor, I found out that she had attended the first women’s expo and from the information there, made the life altering decision to start her own business and has been thriving. There is no better compliment or explanation for this event than that,” Alberghini shares.

The event also offers a series of free seminars, a variety of silent auction items that benefit local charities, over $3,000 in door prizes to give away, and goody bags for the first 500 visitors.

The Vermont Women’s Expo will be held Saturday, March 12 from 10am to 4:30 pm at the Sheraton Inn Conference Center, Burlington, VT.

Admission is $5.00. Children 12 and under are free. Visit or call 229-2163 for information.

And while you're there, visit SignARama's booth and enter to win a banner. Ask about our March special: Wall Graphics & Wraps.

A Special Plaque at a Special Location for the Jarred Williams Foundation

We have a long-standing relationship with Richmond-resident, Dwayne Williams, from the Jarred Williams Foundation. When he approached us to make a perpetual plaque in memory of his son, Jarred, we were honored. When we found out the story behind the plaque's final destination, we were pleasantly surprised.

Jarred Williams PlaqueI could write an entire blog post on this project, on the foundation named after him, and why a state more than a thousand miles away is allowing a plaque to be posted in Jarred's honor, but Sam Cook from the Duluth News Tribune did that already in his excellent article. He describes Dwayne and Jarred's time hunting in the Minnesota woods, and how happy Dwayne feels about the state allowing him to memorialize Jarred the way he is.

And then check out the The Jarred Williams Foundation, an awesome organization that provides financial support to families whose members are suffering with life-threatening and chronic diseases.

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