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It's aBurgers on the Grilllmost the Fourth of July, so why not have a barbecue?

Those are Bob's feet that you see next to the grill--he's the boy-gah cookah (trying for a New York accent). He cooked them for several minutes and then added---

CHEESE! And now they're chee-boy-gahs. (pronounce it like John Belushi did on cheeseburgers on the grillSNL.) Along with home made cole slaw, some potato chips and pickles, this is the first of what we expect will be many SignARama of Vermont meals made/served by us, the owners, for our staff.

We are currently taking food orders from our employees. No filet mignon! No pheasant under glass! We will do grilled chicken, however.

Word on the street is that the burgers were delicious (the meat was locally raised.), the cole slaw yummy, and the chips were chippy. It was fun making the meal and watching everyone enjoy lunch.

We're planning these meals to be held weekly. If you call in a few days in advance, you're welcome to join us (and if you're especially interested, you can vote for the actual food served.).


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