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When our employee of more than a dozen years, Stephen Clem, Jr., walked into work on November 1st, the first thing we noticed was his face. Yes, his actual face because we could see more of it--he had shaved his mustache off and he looked quite different. He said something about growing back his mustache as a fundraiser. It sounded intriguing and important enough for us to share his explanation with you. He promised to not only grow it back in again, but turn it into handlebars!

1. Why are you involved in this fundraiser?
Men’s health is one of those things that don’t get talked about – especially by men. Not to their doctors, not each other, not to the people they care about if they can help it.

There’s no one going around with “Save the Prostates” bumper stickers. Movember seemed like a good opportunity not only to start some conversations, but help fund research in men’s health.

Stephen Clem, Jr.2. What community does it serve?
The donations primarily fund research in prostate cancer as well as other cancers that affect men, but my feeling is that any research towards cancer and its prevention is going to benefit the greater community as a whole.

3. What organization is running the fundraiser?
It’s coordinated by the appropriately named Movember Foundation, which began in Australia, but with assistance from the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong’s LIVESTRONG, it’s gone worldwide.

4. How much money are you trying to raise?
This is my first year participating, so I’m not sure what to expect; one of my teammates is nearing $300 half-way through the month, so I think $500 would be excellent for my first time out.

5. Why mustaches?
The mobros (the name for the male participants, there are mosistas showing their support as well) refer to it as a walking billboard. A mustache in progress is something of a conversation starter although to be honest since I usually have a mustache I think I got more attention when I shaved on Movember first.

The rules are that you begin the month of Movember with a clean upper lip and then spend the next thirty days growing the biggest and best “mo” that you can. Since folks are used to seeing me with a mo I’ve decided to add handlebars to stand out more.  It will be sweet.

6. How can others help?
Visit If you can, please make a donation. Canada has us beat right now. You can visit my “MoSpace” page to learn more.

7. When is the fundraiser over?
The last day of Movember!

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