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In case you didn't know, Bob Diaco is, by educational training, a biologist. He knows a few things about matters both invertebrate, vertebrate, and plant-like, which has helped him in his life-long quest of things Pisces. That's the Latin word for fish.

You see, fish are vertebrates--they have a spine that contains vertebrae. Fish eat invertebrates, spineless critters that include flies of all sorts. And they eat underwater plants. Bob knows this and uses his training in biology to snag himself some pretty nice looking trout now and again (which he's able to catch with a fly rod and lots of faux invertebrates he makes himself).

Bob is also a Dad, and although his sons have not yet taken up one of his favorite pastimes, he supports organizations that encourage family togetherness through fishing. Lake Champlain International--the organizer of the LCI Fishing Derby held annually every Father's Day--is one of those organizations. Bob believes in their mission of fishing, family, and clean waters, which is why he supports their annual event. He likes the staff, too, so when they mailed us the thank you below, he was grateful.

For him, it seems simple to support an organization like this, but an acknowledgement is always nice. Thank you, LCI. Fish Forever!LCI Fishing Derby Thank you card





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