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These kids I’m referring to are freshmen and sophomores from Colchester High School (Colchester, VT) who participated today in Linking Learning to Life’s (LLL) Learn to Earn program.

LLL asked Bob and I to give two, one-hour presentations about our careers, and what we do now as small business owners. Bob was clever and made it interactive—we all met at the computer lab and Donuts from Jakartathe students were able to access ShopSignARama online, and use the design tool to make a banner for their make-believe Donut Shop.

If you think kids today are worst in some way than the kids you went to school with, think again. We met about 30 young men and women who were polite, and amazingly creative. Some jumped into the project and found the donuts clipart and images within minutes of starting.

Some liked to collaborate with buddies, coming up with interesting Donut Store names and terrific layouts. One clever student found an image of Homer Simpson holding a donut, and this allowed us to talk about the how-to’s of using copyrighted and trademarked images and how to license their use (even though they’re readily available online, it does not mean you can use them for FREE, tempting that it is).

Did the kids want to design signs? I think some of them enjoyed it, but most of them, maybe not. But we probably enjoyed ourselves more than the kids did helping them learn simple graphic arts. We hope we may have inspired a few, entertained them, and taught them that a career today is what you make of it. Look at us: a microbiologist and a molecular biologist who make and sell signs. Who knew?

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