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We have a long-standing relationship with Richmond-resident, Dwayne Williams, from the Jarred Williams Foundation. When he approached us to make a perpetual plaque in memory of his son, Jarred, we were honored. When we found out the story behind the plaque's final destination, we were pleasantly surprised.

Jarred Williams PlaqueI could write an entire blog post on this project, on the foundation named after him, and why a state more than a thousand miles away is allowing a plaque to be posted in Jarred's honor, but Sam Cook from the Duluth News Tribune did that already in his excellent article. He describes Dwayne and Jarred's time hunting in the Minnesota woods, and how happy Dwayne feels about the state allowing him to memorialize Jarred the way he is.

And then check out the The Jarred Williams Foundation, an awesome organization that provides financial support to families whose members are suffering with life-threatening and chronic diseases.

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