Grants for Success

When the United Way of Chittenden County applied for a Grants for Success award, they requested three trade show displays. The displays would communicate their mission and message to a variety of audiences and bring a new level of professionalism to their organization.

But then they realized something. Portable trade show displays that are carried and used at events and conferences were all fine and good, but what they really needed was a single large display with their logo and tag line.

So what they requested instead was a Step and Repeat Wall. Basically, it’s a large, flat display with stretched fabric. The fabric is printed with their logo and tag line. The display contracts to one third its open size when closed, and comes with a carrying case.

Red Carpet Step & Repeat walls are commonly used in Hollywood as backdrops for celebrity photographing, and also by nonprofit and charitable organizations as a backdrop for photographic sessions at their events. For the United Way, they wanted it as a wall behind a podium.

“The visual is perfect because it brands us in all photographs and any video or footage,” said Bobbe Maynes, Director of Communications and Development. “We do not have to worry about what the facility backdrop is.”

The United Way has used the display for at least one event since receiving it and admit that it’s already working well for them.

“The system is very, very easy to assemble and we think it looks polished and clean,” said Maynes.

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