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Bumper Stickers, Duct Tape, and Peter

The young entrepreneur entered our store with the intention of ordering bumper stickers. He’s wise to marketing, having been a businessman for the past three years, and thought that bumper stickers would be a great and fun give-away for his customers who would then apply them to their own car bumpers and advertise his business on a daily basis.

His name is Peter Miller and he owns Peter’s Duct Tape Business. He makes a variety of hand-crafted items, including wallets, coin purses, beautiful faux roses, and more from his in-home crafting studio, a.k.a. the dining room table. Peter is twelve years old, and passionate about making and selling his duct tape products.

Peter at a craft show“I use the Duck Tape brand of tape,” Peter said. “You can get anything from Hello Kitty designs to the Avengers.” The branded tapes add design elements and multiple colors that he would have to otherwise add using several single-color tapes.

He started when his friend showed him a duct tape item his brother had made. Peter didn’t think it awesome, and knew that he wanted one and could make it even better.

“I started with pieces, stuck them together and made a wallet,” Peter said. His mom, Laurie, admits that Peter went through a fair amount of duct tape to figure out how to make the wallet. It wasn’t easy, she said, in part because once you stick two pieces together, you can’t get them apart.

Being curious, and a boy, Peter had this comment: “If you can’t get the tape unstuck, take a strip of duct tape and leave a little piece so you can hold it. Go somewhere pitch black. Start pulling the extra piece (tab), and where it comes off it glows blue.”

So far, Peter has sold his products at four shows and a local store. He uses a colorful banner across the front of the table and stacks his products in attractive rows. Peter is friendly, so he no doubt chats with people as they stop to admire his work.

What do people who see Peter’s duct tape items say about them? “How do you make these, and they’re great,” he said. “Some people pick them up, rummage through them, and either buy them or leave them scattered all over the place.”

Peter’s duct tape products are reasonably priced. His flowers sell for $2 each. Wallets with one pocket sell for $4, two-pocket wallets sell for $5, and zero pockets for $3. But the zero-pocket wallets do have a place for you to store your bills. He has made bookmarks and ties. His big sellers are the wallets.

“I get a lot of duct tape for Christmas and for my birthday. And I do buy some rolls that I really want and don’t have. It costs me between sixty cents and $1.20 to make a wallet,” Peter said.

You can purchase Peter’s products online at

Peter knows what an entrepreneur is, readily admits he is one, and that he has big plans for the future. “I am thinking of having a store where Blockbuster is,” he said. His entrepreneurial skills are honed through his favorite show on t.v.—Shark Tank.

“I’ve been watching it since I was 10.”

I suspect we may see Peter on Shark Tank some day, hawking his latest invention or seeking funding for his cutting-edge business, but in the meantime, know that he is making the absolutely best duct tape crafts available. Kudos to you, Peter!

2013 Grants for Success Recipients

Announcing the 2013 Grants for Success recipients: Robin's Nest Children's Center; VT Youth Conservations Corps (VYCC); Williston Community Food Shelf; The Wellness Coop; Middlebury Grants for Success WinnersStudio School; CVOEO - Chittenden Community Action; Navicate (Formerly Linking Learning to Life); H.A.N.D.S. - Helping & Nurturing Diverse Seniors; Milton Community Youth Coalition; Dress for Success Burlington; VT Adaptive Ski & Sports; Home Share Now; Everybody Wins! Vermont; Northfield Elementary School; VT Youth Orchestra; Spectrum Youth and Family Services

Congratulations! We look forward to partnering with you this year to design and produce your signage. Thank you for everything you do in the community.

A Fun Sign for the Flynn

We love it when our clients send us photos of our signs in action. This Seat Sign was produced for the Flynn Center's private event held on September 19th. It was a thank you party to the supporters of the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts who generously donated to their seat project. In return, the Flynn Center named a seat in their honor.

Rebecca Janney attended the event with her family, and got to pose with Flynn Center Executive Director, John Killacky, next to her seat.The new seats were made possible with a generous, anonymous donation to the Flynn. With the addition of new seating, the Flynn opted, among other things, to repaint the kiosk in the outer lobby, add new carpeting in the lobby, and expand the balcony seating.

A replacement for seats that were in the theater for sixty years, these new seats look great against the art deco walls and were arranged to offer better site lines to the stage.

Congratulations Flynn Center for the Performing Arts!

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